Naomi+Hiro | 2941 Restaurant Wedding

Oh how much I love these two! Their story would be such a fun, entertaining and, I am sure a learning experience, movie. I loved working with them and their families and I feel so honored that I will also get to travel to Japan for their wedding celebration there.

They met while Hiro came to U.S. to study and happened that he was staying with Naomi’s parents. Hiro started liking Naomi, but Naomi wanted nothing to do with Hiro, even more she thought he is annoying :)! Hiro’s program in U.S. ended and he went back home and only once he was gone Naomi decided to give him a chance and they started talking online. After a little while Naomi realized what an amazing person he is and how much they have in common and the rest is history :)!

Their wedding in U.S. was held at the beautiful 2941 Reasturant in Falls Church, VA. It was a gorgeous day and the emotions were running high for both of them. They decided to have a first look before the ceremony and even though that happened there were plenty of emotions and happy tears throughout the ceremony. My favorite part during their reception was hearing to speech, Naomi’s brother gave and explaining, in detail, their beautiful story and the hard time Naomi gave Hiro. Seeing them together and seeing the, so evident, love they carry for each other was beautiful.

Hiro and Naomi, thank you for being such amazing people and for believing in me! I loved spending time with you and your families and I can not wait to see you guys soon and to document your wedding in Japan!

You can see their engagement session here.



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