30 Days

Thirty Days, was a challenge that I got from Hailey Bartholomew from http://www.youcantbeserious.com.au and Sue Bryce on Creative Live when they were teaching a video/photography workshop. The challenge was intended for new and not so new cinematographers, who want to discover the world of cinematography, challenge themselves, and become better at it.
For 30 days, each day I was supposed to take a video of something that I am grateful for, something interesting, favorite, etc. So I decided to do it and each day I grabbed my camera and challenged myself to see things differently. To say that I loved and learnt a lot from this process is an understatement. I loved it so much that whenever I had my camera on hand and lets say I am “supposed” to only take pictures I could not hold myself back from not taking a few short videos. …and let me tell ya, each day I was/am becoming better at it and with each short video recorded I was/am learning something new.
So if you are inclined to look into cinematography, go ahead, do not hesitate. It is a lot of fun and the reward is huge. You are recording moments, words, moods, etc. that will forever be there and otherwise they might of been forgotten in days, hours, seconds.

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