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Once in a lifetime. That one singular moment when months of planning and preparation culminate into a few fleeting hours. A day to be remembered, cherished and reflected on for decades, if not generations…

This is your wedding day and capturing the emotion, the small details, the firsts of many is a responsibility that Mari and George do not take lightly.

This husband and wife team know a little something about love and special moments. Five years strong into their marriage, they have combined their creative talents to make your wedding story part of their own.

“Working on weddings has brought George and I closer together. It reminds us of when we were married and how that felt. As a couple, we understand what the bride and groom are going through emotionally and we’re sensitive to that. For us, capturing weddings is personal. We really feel it… and we always want to be at our best on a wedding shoot.” — Mari Harsan

Taking the lead, Mari handles principle photography, while George directs the videography with a talented crew behind them. Their shared creative vision represents the benchmarks of precision and quality, while tapping into the imagination and spirit of what a wedding can be visually. The results speak for themselves with image upon image, frame upon frame, of the magical and extraordinary. The perfect marriage of photo and video.

“There is a timelessness and elegance to wedding photography, which now extends to wedding videography. The movement of the camera, the music, the editing, the tempo, the color, all create a feeling. It’s a shame to call it a ‘video,’ as the look and feel is more like a movie. I see my work as wedding films.” — George Bucur

Like an artist and his canvas, George (a seasoned editor) works all the angles to make his wedding ‘films’ truly epic. From an aerial drone that slowly sweeps wide over grand vistas to tight close ups and low angles that reveal subtle details and textures, his “moving picture” is like a visual score that hits all the high notes. The perfect compliment to Mari’s timeless and creative photographs.

Creating a storybook fairy tale in one click, Mari, with unbridled enthusiasm, works tirelessly to get “the” shot. The dress, the shoes, the ring… all the little details come to life in her images. But most importantly, above all else, is the couple.

“I love detail shots. When all the elements come together, it’s like magic. Clean, vivid, wonderful! The light and ambiance perfectly balanced… But the shots that really make me feel good are when I see the love between the couple. When I see them enjoying this moment together and I have captured that. It’s that interaction that I crave to see. This little moment happens so quickly, but the moment I get it, everything else falls away.” — Mari Harsan

Simplifying the process for securing quality photo and video with a united vision for your wedding experience, Mari Harsan Studios represents the best of both worlds under one contract. Friendly, supportive, responsive… Mari and George look forward to meeting you and making your wedding epic!

Striving for ever greater heights, Mari Harsan Studios utilizes the latest technology and techniques to enhance the art of wedding portraiture and video. Every effort is made to bring out the optimal vision of your wedding while retaining the candid, unexpected moments that you’ll always cherish.

We would love to hear from you! To get in touch and receive a quote please email us directly at mari@mariharsan.com, call at 202-253-9327, or use the contact form.


Mari and George

Mari and George by Ken





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