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Meet the gorgeous Weyem!Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (5 of 11)I was only prepared to do her make-up, hair and than take beautiful portraits. We were also working on a very tight schedule of only 2.5 hours for everything, including us talking, and we can talk :).

However, somehow I still had the guts to set up my spare camera on a tripod and move it with us from room to room and try to get different angles with each outfit change. I would place my client where I would want her and than quickly run to the tripod, manual focus on her, press play then pick up my other camera and have fun shooting. It sounds like a lot, but it really wasn’t. I also informed Weyem that it was my first time experimenting with this and I would suggest you do the same if you are like me, experimenting.

Once we were done with the shoot my  gorgeous client, Weyem, had to run out the door because she was running a bit late. I started downloading first the images, then the footage and I just couldn’t WAIT to see the outcome :). When I looked at the footage I realized that I did moved Weyem quite often either out of the focus range or even out of the frame at times :). But, I still managed to get some pretty amazing footage and this was all achieved having my spare camera on a tripod, nothing else. Now, of course the video isn’t the most creative and interactive video you saw, but for what I intended to get I am pretty darn pleased. I do have to say that Weyem did a spectacular job just by being her, isn’t she just so gorgeous?, and I could of not done this if it wasn’t for her corky and friendly personality. Thank you Weyem, you rock and working with you was a breeze!!!!

I selected the shots I wanted and than my amazing husband, George Bucur Films did he’s magic and edited it for me. If you want to see my first behind the scene video go here.

So, if you either want to create more content for your client, your marketing, or just see how you work, place a camera on a tripod and press record. It is that easy.


Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (3 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (2 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (1 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (5 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (11 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (9 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (8 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (7 of 11) Mari Harsan -Weyem-Color (6 of 11)

Remember that to succeed, first you might have to fail a few times and that’s ok. This is how we become better at our craft. So go ahead and fail if you have to.

Make-up and hair : Mari Harsan

Filmed by: Mari Harsan

Edited by: George Bucur Films




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