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2014-07-23_0014Since I was a young girl, back in Romania, I remember telling my mom that one day I will leave our country and explore the world. A passion of mine was always to learn new languages and customs of different countries, but most importantly I was always so interested to learn what’s new and different out there and how other people “live their lives.” So whenever George and I get the chance to travel I want to make sure that besides the resort that we stay at, we also visit some parts of that country/island where the actually locals live.

This year we traveled to Dominican Republic and this time around we had company with us. My sister Julia and our adopted sister/friend Dana 🙂 joined us and I have to say that it was a lot of fun traveling with good friends and a totally different experience. I hope that we will get to travel a lot more together with these two ladies and other friends. Even though we stayed at a resort in Punta Cana for our vacation, we also traveled to the capital, Santo Domingo. Dana wanted to visit the capital and see the colonial part. When she expressed interest I was super excited because I want to see as much as I can of this world.

When we traveled to Santo Domingo, we all decided that we need to be able to stop where and when we want to stop, so we rented a car and traveled on our own. I have to say that it was the best decision ever because some of my favorite parts during that short trip were when we stopped at some caves super rich in history and on a long bridge overlooking a river and some cottages where the locals lived.

In Santo Domingo we visited the Colonial Part of the city and we all loved it. The architecture is really amazing and I have to say that they have some great restaurants with yummy food. While there we also made a friend, Marco, whom I shared my lunch with and you will meet him bellow. But when we really got to experience how “people live” in Santo Domingo was when we were on the outskirts of the city on a narrow street gushed with people and cars, lots of cars. People were walking and driving everywhere on the streets without following any laws or rules. I have to say that it was a bit terrifying for all of us to be caught in the middle of the craziness, but in the same time the people were nice to us and we had a good driver. Thankfully George was there and agreed to drive us all around and thankfully he is a very good driver, but still the craziness of no one following any rules was a bit intense. But I guess I asked for it  and I am glad that I did. With each experience I get to live, I feel a bit richer and wiser and more appreciative of my life and the people around me.

So I would like to say that I am so grateful for this amazing trip and the amazing people I had the honor to share it with. I would love to know what are your favorites part when you are traveling or what are you grateful for today?



Enjoy some random images from our trip!

2014-07-23_0016 2014-07-23_0013 2014-07-23_0010Dana and George exploring! 2014-07-23_0011 2014-07-23_0017 2014-07-23_0021 2014-07-23_0020George playing with his drone and Julia looking a bit scared :)! 2014-07-23_0018 2014-07-23_0022 2014-07-23_0008 2014-07-23_0007 2014-07-23_0006 2014-07-23_0004 2014-07-23_0003This is my friend Marco, when I told him good bye. I was a bit sad :(. 2014-07-23_0009 2014-07-23_0005 2014-07-23_0002



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