“Not only is George one of the best videographers in the country, but his passion is contagious. He has taught and mentored me on a path that has made me a professional videographer, creating pieces for clients such as Nikon. His generosity and ability to explain complex concepts is so appreciated!” Kristi Odom  

Building a business from scratch without prior experience takes guts.
Learning and mastering something new takes time.
Keeping a business not just afloat, but thriving takes sacrifices and hard work.

We’ve been there and done all of it and are here to tell you that if you have a dream there is no better way than to pursue it and make it happen. While we made many mistakes along the way and spent countless hours perfecting our art and learning the ropes of this demanding, over saturated, but so rewarding business, we are here to tell you that you do not have to make the same mistakes and efforts and that we can help.

Mari took a few extremely expensive workshops and while she did learn from each of them she realized that her investment did not meet her exact needs. A few years back while going thorough a more difficult period in her career she sought out one on one mentoring and quickly realized the value of it. During one on one mentoring she finally felt that she was getting honest and tailored support and knew that every penny spent was worth it.

With years of experience working with diverse couples, from small weddings to over the top ones, from working with friends to some of the most difficult clients we experienced them all and are here to offer support and advice. After shooting hundreds of weddings George and Mari are both opening a few mentoring programs for photography and cinematography a year. The mentoring sessions are created around your own needs, so you can become an expert in the areas you need. We vow to be 100% transparent, constantly educate ourselves and support you to not just improve your craft and stand out from the crowd, but also succeed as a business. With us no question is off limits.

Business Advice
Portfolio/Website Reviews
Portfolio Critique
In Field Shooting
Marketing Advice
Gear Questions
Off Camera Lighting
Color Grading
Difficult Situations
Client Relationship
Personal Projects
Life/Work Balance

“Mari has been a photographer I’ve admired from afar for quiet some time, and we finally got the chance to meet in person during a workshop a few years ago. Needles to say, the beauty of her work radiates from her being, and she’s now someone I consider a dear friend. I’ve had the chance to work alongside Mari on a few occasions, and her passion, drive, creativity and empathy for her clients were so inspiring that I left with the feeling that I could be doing so much more as a photographer and business person. Mari has advised, supported and guided me through many of the toughest phases of my photography career, and I’m forever grateful for all the knowledge she’s imparted on me. I’m a better photographer, and in many ways, a better person because of my friendship with Mari. She’s a great source of information, inspiration and overall good vibes!” – Kirth Bobb


BOOKING AND AVAILABILITY If you are ready to take your art and business to the next level and get honest advice we are here to help. Get in touch with us here.

“An investment in education is an investment in your future.” David Wasinger



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