George Loves His Toys | Wedding Video Reel 2014 Part I

From my understanding he’s always been like that … hungry for new information and technology and super excited for what the future holds. He wants the best of the best and somehow always finds a way to get it. Once he got it, he will practice every day until he masters it and he’s ready to use it safely. That is how this guy treats his new toys.

One of his latest toy ( a couple months old now) … a drone! Yes, I know! I’ll be honest at first I didn’t get why he needs it and did not want him to invest in it, but somehow he made me agree that it will be worth it, and he was right. At every wedding he uses the drone, the wedding films and the couple’s story becomes so much more complete and it is so much more better told. On top of that, the smiles on our clients faces when they see and understand what is happening are priceless. Our #1 goal is to make our clients happy and get them the best service and products we can.

Honey, you were right that this new toy of yours it will be worth every penny and I am glad you convinced me to get it :)!

Enjoy some shots from our 2014 weddings and even though you won’t see the drone, I am sure you’ll figure out which ones are taken with it.






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