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I am gifting photography sessions to people in need! Please read and make someone smile and feel special!

As a child, I, Mari, grew up with a single parent, my mom. That’s how mostly of the people saw it, at least. However, besides the fact that I barley have any memories of my dad, who was murdered when I was one month shy from turning 1 year old, I always felt that he was and still is such a big part of my life. Neighbors, friends and even people who I didn’t know would often talk about my dad as being a very kind, loving and giving person. People would tell me that the reason he is gone is solely because God surrounds himself with only good people and he was one of him.

My mom and grandparents always made him a part of mine and my sisters lives and I always loved hearing stories about what kind of a person he was and how much he loved us and the people around him. Growing up without his support it was challenging, especially for my mom, because all the sudden she had to be both; at times the mom, at times the dad and at times to be the good and the bad guy. But non of the less, I learned a lot from her and from our situation. There is much to be said about how I was raised, but where I want to get is to the fact that my mom always thought myself and my sisters how to be thankful for what we have and what we achieved in life and most importantly how to give back.

A few weeks before a person decide to take my dad away from us, my mom scheduled a family photo session and we got the last memories together as a family of five. Bellow, a memory that I will cherish forever, of me and my dad!!!

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As you might of realized by now, I love photography and photographing people is my passion not just a business. Therefore, as a Thank You Gift to all the people that once helped me become who I am I would like to pay it forward and use my time and skills. I would like to gift a few sessions to families in need, people who can not necessarily afford a professional photography session, but would love a portrait with their loved ones. So, if you know of anyone, please write me a bit about their story or have them contact me. My email is



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