I am Grateful!

A combination of trying them all, meeting inspiring photographers, working with not so nice people helped me decide the road I want to take in photography, at least for now. Therefore, Thank You to all of you nice or not so nice people! Life is a learning experience and I am grateful for everything I went through to get where I am.

I’ve decided to concentrate on two things in photography. I’ve decided to only do what I LOVE and to, all the time, follow my heart and passion. Since that decision almost a year passed by and I couldn’t be happier. There are still some things ( not related to photography) that are not 100% perfect in my career, but I know it takes some time to finally have it all. For now I am as happy as I could be.

Even as a child I was always attracted by beautiful things around me and I always wanted to make people feel good and happy even if just for a moment. So I piked Glamour Portraiture and Weddings.

Glamour photography for me represents, beauty, elegance, confidence, happiness, achievement and much more.  Hence, when I discovered glamour photography I knew that I can make women feel happy, confident, and worth it and on top of that I knew that this will bring me the same feelings. So I gave it a go, and I was right. They do feel happy and beautiful and the emotions I get back from women I photograph feed me with ideas, passion, and love for what I do every single time. Beatrice-FR-C-14 Beatrice-FR-C-9 Beatrice-FR-C-7 Beatrice-FR-C-2 Beatrice-FR-B&W-1 Color (7 of 10) Color (4 of 10) Color (3 of 10) Color (2 of 10) Color (1 of 10) Anika-Color-FR (10 of 13) Anika-Color-FR (8 of 13) Anika-Color-FR (4 of 13) Anika-Color-FR (2 of 13)

I know I already said that I like beauty and happy people, but the next photography genre I chose is Weddings, and weddings is all of that and even more. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a wedding photographer, but something inside of me kept on telling me to give it a try and so I did. At first I started by assisting weddings and that didn’t take too long. I only assisted one wedding and after that, the lovely and kind person/photographer by the name of Marirosa, hired me as her 2nd photographer. Needless to say I was ecstatic and eager to do it and so I accepted. Marirosa from Photograpy by Marirosa is an excellent wedding photographer and needless to say I have to thank her for helping me realize how much I just LOVE weddings. Marirosa thank you for coaching me along the way and thank you for believing in me from the beginning.

…and how i could not love weddings? Weddings represents love, beauty, joy and above all I am there to experience it and capture it all. Capturing love is the most beautiful thing in the world and I get to do it!

a-16 a-17 K&B-1-2 K&B-10 K&B-9 J&A (92 of 114) J&A (91 of 114) J&A (85 of 114) J&A (81 of 114) J&A (93 of 114) J&A (112 of 114)Now with all of that said, I finally get to say that between Weddings and Glamour I feel that I get the chance to show and experience my passion for photography and I feel “home.” Every day I am so grateful for the amazing people I get to meet and know and for all the beauty and happiness out there. Thank you to everyone for all the support and encouragement you showed and continue to show me.





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