Our goal is to bring value to you and the entire wedding planning team in any way we can. Our extensive experience of over a decade in capturing weddings comes with more than great wedding photographs and videos, it comes with knowledge and expertise to seamlessly navigate unexpected situations. We can read a room and know the importance of subtlety and strength, and when to use each. We also understand that at your wedding we are not individuals, but rather part of a collective. A great team on wedding day will take care of things you wont even know that went wrong and we love being part of it.

We don't just give you permission to be exactly who you are, but we are here to encourage you and cheer you on. 
We hope that with us you will feel safe to be vulnerable enough to express your genuine love, have the intention to stay in the moment, really feel the energy around you and enjoy each-other to the fullest. 

How the magic happens 

More than your Photographer and Videographer


You shine the brightest when you are yourself

We understand your wedding is a monumental and irreplaceable occasion and we take pride in our work and approach. We only take a select number of  weddings each year so we can give each couple the attention they deserve. We are here for you from the beginning until the wedding is over because one thing we love more than documenting your celebration is knowing that you can trust us, let go and enjoy your day.