Inna + Frederic | A Beautiful Oxon Hill Manor Wedding

Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-50Inna and Frederic’s wedding was held at the beautiful Oxon Hill Manor in Oxon Hill, MD. Their wedding was at the beginning of April, therefore they incorporated cherry blossoms in their big day. The cake as well as the chuppa looked amazing whit big arrangements made out of cherry blossoms and roses. Even though Inna’s bouquet did not have cherry blossoms in it, it was one of the prettiest bouquets I’ve seen!!!

They both looked absolutely stunning and the day could of not been more perfect. It was just warm enough for Inna to be outside in her wedding gown and thankfully there was no rain that day.

Inna and Frederic, thank you for the opportunity to works with you and we can not wait to see you!!!



Enjoy some of my favorites bellow.

P.S. Their wedding movie will be available soon, so stay tuned :)!

Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-1 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-3 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-4 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-5 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-14 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-16 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-17Inna you made such a stunning bride!Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic--15 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-18 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-19 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-20 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-21 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-10 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-11 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-12 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-13

Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-22 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-6 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-8 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-9 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic--27 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-7 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-28 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-29 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-31 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-30 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-32…and we decided to lit up the cherry blossom tree and we were not disappointed. Thank you George for helping me out on this one. Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-26 Oxon-hill-wedding-inna-and-frederic-25



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