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I’ve got to be honest and tell you that I write this blog with so much pride.

Contemporary Portraiture - Kelly!When Kelly first showed interest in me taking her portraits I was ecstatic, honored and humbled, but in the same time super scared. My words were: “really? …wow, I would love to”, but than never followed up with her because the thought of taking my photography teacher’s portraits was scarring the heck out of me :). After a few good months she asked again and I went through the same feelings again, but this time I did follow up with her. We picked a date, I scheduled my makeup artist and that made it very official; I was asked to take my photography’s teacher portraits and I accepted.  All this time coming up to her session I was nervous and thought of everything she taught me and felt so honored to be chosen to photograph her.

Kelly is an amazing and passionate photography teacher and as a person she is very kind, friendly and beautiful inside-out.

Kelly, thank you for this opportunity, I am truly honored and grateful.

Contemporary Portraiture Kelly-5 Kelly-6Kelly-15 Kelly-16 Kelly-19 Kelly-20Usually photographers know how to pose people and make others look good, but when is their turn to be in front of the lens their modeling skills go out the window. In my case, that is 100% true, in Kelly’s case 100% not true. She could of not made this session easier for me.

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