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I still can’t believe that one of my amazing couples decided that I should go with them all the way to Japan to capture their Japanese wedding celebration in Kobe. Naomi and Hiro had two wedding celebrations one in the United States and one in Japan.

They are both of Japanese decent, but Naomi was born and raised in US while Hiro first came to the states for school.  During that period, Hiro lived with Naomi’s parents and Naomi wanted to have nothing to do with Hiro. However after Hiro’s return to Japan they started chattng online and with a bit of a push from Naomi’s grandmother she decided to give him a chance. Needless to say that’s all it took for Naomi to realize what an amazing person Hiro is.

At first they hired me for their engagement session and wedding in US. But shortly after their wedding I got an email from Naomi asking if I would want to travel with them to Japan for their 2nd wedding. Needless to say I was very excited to have my first international wedding all the way in Japan, but I was also very excited to spend more time with these two incredible people and some of their friends and family.

During their first wedding in US I was treated like a friend and I felt like one. At the end of the wedding I received some amazing gifts from them which took me completely by surprise. On my drive home I was feeling so grateful that I get to work with people who not just love my work, but appreciate me as a person. At that moment I realized that to them I am more than just a photographer, I am their friend. That feeling was so amazing and I am sure I will never forget it and I am so incredibly humbled by their love for what I do. I am so happt to call Naomi and Hiro friends and to also bond with some of their friends and family members.

During the reception there was a lot of yummy food eating and A LOT of sake drinking!Japan,

Kobe and Kyoto was an amazing experience that I will not soon forget.

Enjoy a few from their wedding in Japan!

A huge thanks to my other half George for traveling with me and for all the amazing help and support he provided!!

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