Marcela + Pedro | A Marriott Key Bridge Wedding

We all kept on checking the weather and trying to see if there will be a change in plans. The chances of rain were going up with each day and I was sure there will be a change in the schedule/place for the first look and probably the ceremony, so I started looking for other places where we could do the first look.DC-war-memorial-wedding-100Marcela and Pedro wanted to have their first look at MLK memorial and their ceremony was set for DC War Memorial. Their big day rolled around and it was raining. It was the kind of rain that was there to stay. Despite the rain, when I got to the hotel I found Marcela glowing of happiness and with a big smile on her face. It was her big day and she would not let a few drops of rain take over it.

Marcela and Pedro decided together that they will go on with what they had planed and meet for the first time at the MLK memorial and declare their love in front of family and friends at the War Memorial and so they did … and it was beautiful!! The love surrounding them was incredible and their day could of not been more beautiful!

Marcela and Pedro it was such an honor working with you and you both looked so amazing. Marcela you made a super gorgeous bride and Pedro, so handsome :)!!

Bellow see some of my favorites from their wedding and their amazing weeding film HERE!!

xo, Mari and George


Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-12 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-11 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-9 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-23 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-24 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-27 le-meridien-hotel--wedding-2 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-3 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro1- Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-2 le-meridien-dc-wedding-marcela-pedro1 le-meridian-dc-wedding-marcela-and-pedro-2 key-bridge-marriott-wedding-marcela-and-pedro-6 key-bridge-marriott-wedding-marcela-and-pedro-5You see what I am talking about? The best attitude towards her big day, ever.mlk-wedding-marcela-and-pedro-1The best first look. Umbrellas, Love, and Gratefulness all around them. dc-mlk-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-1 dc-mlk-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-2 dc-mlk-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-3 dc-mlk-memorial-wedding-5 mlk-memorial-wedding-3 mlk-memorial-wedding-5 mlk-memorial-wedding-8To the ceremony we go and Marcela again has the biggest smile on her face I’ve ever seen.

war-memorial-dc-wedding-marcela-pedro-11 war-memorial-dc-wedding-marcela-pedro-12 war-memorial-dc-wedding-marcela-pedro-13 dc-war-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-1 dc-war-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-2 dc-war-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-3 dc-war-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-4 war-memorial-wedding-3 war-memorial-dc-wedding-10 war-memorial-dc-wedding-8 war-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-1 war-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-2 war-memorial-dc-wedding-marcela-and-pedro-6 war-memorial-dc-wedding-marcela-and-pedro-4 war-memorial-wedding-marcela-pedro-3 war-memorial-dc-weddind-marcela-pedro-7 war-memorial-wedding-dc-9The reception was held at the beautiful Key Bridge Marriott and the view was pretty spectacular.

Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-17 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-18 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-13 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-14 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-19 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-25 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-35 Jaramillo_Reception-389 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-39I supper loved their cake topper :)!!Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-15 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-16 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-30 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-31 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-40 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-48Marcela and Pedro you guys are truly such an amazing couple!!

marriott-arlington-wedding-1 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-33 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-41 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-46 Key-Bridge-Marriott-wedding-marcela-pedro-28Marcela and Pedro, congratulations once again it was a pleasure working with you!!!

Special thanks to my amazing second shooter Mindy from Mindy Moore Photography and our amazing assistant Beatrice!!!


Reception | Key Bridge Marriot

Ceremony | DC War Memorial

Bride and Bridesmaids Dresses | Davids Bridal

Suits | J Crew and The Black Tux

Bride’s Shoes | RSVP

Groom’s Shoes | Bostonian

Jewelry | Macys

Makeup and Hair E-Jung Wedding Salon

DJ | Synergy Syndicate Entertainment

Transportation | Limousine, Inc.

Cake | Alexandria Pastry Shop

Invitations | Oxe Graphics



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