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A year ago, I discovered how much I love taking Portrait Couture images. My Portrait Couture line is a mix of contemporary portraiture with a flare of glamour, and I LOVE IT :)! I absolutely Love working with women, because I am one and I know and get what a woman wants. Giving them an opportunity to discover and celebrate who they are is a gift that every woman should get and I am happy to be the one that helps giving it. I strongly believe every women deserves such a gift, the gift to embrace their femininity, softness, sensuality, to empower them and encourage them to feel beautiful inside and out with who they are. It happens to me so many times, when seeing a women on the street, at the groceries store and almost everywhere I go, to fall in this daze for a moment and realize just how many beautiful women are there that probably don’t really remember the last time they felt beautiful or got dolled up for themselves.
The gorgeous women bellow experienced a portrait couture session with me and I learned about their stories and insecurities. At the end of our session the gift I got from each one of them was priceless. They all felt beautiful, empowered, and worth it and that to me is pure bliss.

Mari Harsan Photography

Mari Harsan Photography

Anika-Color-FR (2 of 13) Anika-Color-FR (4 of 13) Anika-Color-FR (8 of 13) Anika-Color-FR (10 of 13) Color (1 of 10) Color (2 of 10) Color (3 of 10) Color (4 of 10) Color (7 of 10) Beatrice-FR-B&W-1 Beatrice-FR-C-2 Beatrice-FR-C-7 Beatrice-FR-C-9 Beatrice-FR-C-14 Carmen FR-1 Carmen-10 Carmen-14

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