National Museum of Women in the Arts Wedding

This National Museum of Women in the Arts wedding feature it’s been a long time coming. Asim and Meena got married at the beautiful Diyanet Center of America more than a year ago. It was my first time witnessing a wedding ceremony in the mosque and absolutely loved it. The words that were spoken and the feelings I saw Meena living were making me feel and appreciate the culture, their beliefs and union even more. It was simply beautiful.

After their ceremony, we transitioned for the wedding reception, but not before an outfit change. Their wedding reception was held at the exquisite National Museum of Women in the Arts. It was my second time working at this beautiful Museum and needless to say I absolutely loved it. The evening started with some heartfelt, funny and real toasts about the bride and groom and their upbringing. Smiles and tears, mostly of joy, were shared by the couple and guests. Their friends surprised them with what was a genius idea, a reenaction of their relationship. Everyone was stuck to their seats paying attention and joyfully devouring their story told by their very talented friends.

A huge congrats to this amazing couple and many years of happiness together!



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