Not as Expected!

This post is about how sometimes things don’t work as well as one would think they will :).

I wanted to take some pictures of my studio and I did. After I was done I thought to myself, it would be fun to take some videos, too and I did :)! Loving how creative my footage looked, the only thing crossing my mind at that moment was how impressed George will be with my footage:). So I started putting everything together, edited the images and the footage and opted to combine them.

I started the fusion between stills and videos and once everything was done I realized that if there is no movement involved in a video and I am mixing it with stills, in a fusion slideshow, the videos could very easily be mistaken with stills. Therefore my footage doesn’t look very creative anymore, but I guess from mistakes we learn :)!

Enjoy what looks more like stills than videos :)!



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