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Contemporary head shots omar 1I rarely get to photograph guys in the studio, so when Omar’s wife Anika asked me if I could take a few portraits of Omar I was very excited. Needless to say Omar is a very handsome guy and the fact that he let me photograph him while his hair was in its natural state was a bonus for me! Anika should take all the credit for it though because she did all the convincing :). … and since he smokes, we thought that it would be fun to take a few of him smoking.

Omar thank you for being so awesome, thanks to you more guys will be photographed by me ;)!

Enjoy some of my favorites bellow!

Portraits 2013-2 Portraits 2013-3 Portraits 2013-1 Portraits 2013-5 Portraits 2013-6 Portraits 2013-10 Portraits 2013-8 Portraits 2013-12 Portraits 2013-11 Portraits 2013-13 Portraits 2013-14Portraits 2013-59 Portraits 2013-60 Portraits 2013-61 Portraits 2013-62 Portraits 2013-63



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