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Usb memory direct

You know those magazine questions asking if you could only take one beauty product with you on a deserted island or something along those lines, what would it be? Well, I think if you would be to ask George what object he would take with him it will for sure be a USB :)!

usb memory direct

There are USB’s all around our house, sometimes they even take a bubble bath 🙂 because they hide in clothing pockets. In all seriousness now, George loves USB’s and there is a good reason behind it. On wedding days, especially when he is creating a same day edit a USB is absolutely needed. But besides that he saved many what could have been”ugly moments” because he had a USB in his pocket. We lost count how many times he was the “hero” by having one handy when the groom forgot to bring one and the home made slideshow would have not happened otherwise. Even our 8 year old niece knows just the right person to go to and ask for a free USB :). So, for George a USB is like a pen for many.

USB Memory Direct makes his life even more exciting because they now offer a “super power” usb that has  both a USB A and a USB C connectors. We both love the tinny and sleek look of the Ubie Ninja.

usb memory directIf our 8 year old niece knows how to use one and needs one I wonder where technology will take us and how it will change the way we present our portfolio, CV, etc. After all I guess a USB this day is almost like a pen and George carrying one with him at all times is just normal.




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