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My Studio!

I wanted to have a studio space where I could do my work, take pictures, and also a place where I could relax, get my ideas organized, and plan my future in photography. So I looked at all the options I had and didn’t have 🙂 and I came up with a solution. After running […]

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I am Grateful!

A combination of trying them all, meeting inspiring photographers, working with not so nice people helped me decide the road I want to take in photography, at least for now. Therefore, Thank You to all of you nice or not so nice people! Life is a learning experience and I am grateful for everything I […]

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Hey There!

So I’ve decided to start a blog. I believe that I have lots to share and say. Now the only thing I have to work on is to organize my ideas and commit to writing here every week or almost every week:). On this blog I will write mostly photography related stuff, but occasionally I […]

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