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When creating portraits of people try to go deeper then just taking an image of themselves. Investing time and understanding who that individual is and what his or her needs are will be far more fulfilling and appreciated than just getting a beautiful image of themselves.

In photography my other love besides weddings is contemporary-glamor portraiture. Whenever I am having a portrait session I am head over heels excited to meet and get to know my clients on a personal level and than, of course, create some beautiful imagery for them. Mostly of my clients are happy to get beautiful images of themselves, but I always try to push myself  and let them come forward and show their personality. I love capturing who they are at that moment in their lives, not who I want them to be. There is something so beautiful and unique about it and I feel that it is so easy to overlook such an important characteristic. I love to ask and hear their stories because I am genuinely interested in who they are as people and because in this way I know what their likes, dislikes, fears, insecurities, strengths, etc. are. By allowing myself to ask questions about themselves, they allow me in their lives and trust is created. I love it when their personality picks in and than when they see those images and they say something like “that’s so me.” You can tell it is them when you see that proud smile and when you look into their eyes and you see that sparkle. I believe that part of my job as a photographer is to make them comfortable and to have them trust me and when that happens their personality shines through and some of the most meaningful memories are created and without a doubt those images are theirs and my favorites.

Enjoy some of those moments!

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