Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

Welcome to my world!
I am Mari, a Washington DC based wedding photographer.
I invite you to delve into a collection of iconic, timeless, and incredibly romantic moments I've had the privilege to capture in both Washington, D.C., and enchanting destination weddings. Throughout my journey, I've honed my craft, skillfully using light to paint captivating stories, cherishing meaningful and beautiful details, and effortlessly blending candid shots with artfully directed poses that exude a natural and editorial feel.

 At the core of my success is collaboration, trust  and my passion to help you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful in front of my lens. In essence, I am driven by an insatiable desire to capture everything and everyone in the most elegant and beautiful way. 

Mari Harsan is a Washington D.C. wedding photographer who is passionate about capturing your essence, individuality, beauty and style in the most flattering way while providing a relaxed and tailored experience.