Mari Harsan Studios is now offering Documentary Family Photography Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

There are so many stories to be told. My favorite way of telling stories is through documentary photography. Portraits are beautiful and have their place, no doubt, but when I am talking about documenting a full day, 8 hours, 4 hours or even a 2 hours session where all you have to do is be yourself, a lot of magic starts happening. I am talking about a fun and relaxed session where you go about your day. There is no posing, no matching outfits and really no pressure on anyone or anything to be perfect. Actually the more “imperfect” you are the more your personality will shine through. Kids are the best example, they are who they are and their uniqueness, bravery and talents always shine through.

My goal during a documentary photography session is to capture your family in that stage of your lives and to do it in the most genuine and authentic way possible. Through these photographs I want to convey not just how you look, but rather who you are. Who you are as mother, as father, as wife, as husbands, as brother and as sister. I want to document the struggles and the beautiful of an every day or a family tradition or a vacation. It is up to you what story you want to tell and it would be my true honor to capture it for you.

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