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Live stream is not new. But, now more than ever before professional live streaming is the one thing that makes it possible for loved ones to be part of an important event.


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Our world, no doubt, took a very sharp turn because of Covid-19. Many events like weddings, engagements, graduation celebrations, corporate events and much more got postponed or canceled. Celebrations and carriers put on hold and of course many lives were taken away. Loosing someone is hard under any circumstance. But not being able to receive the love and support from family and community in such trying times must be an extremely hard thing to go through. Our hearts are sad every time we hear a story like that and wish we could do more than just stay home.

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With the more relaxed rules an increase of requests to document elopements, graduations and funerals, we realized that there is something we could start to do. Besides offering professional video and photography while abiding by the CDC and state rules/recommendations, we could also offer professional video conferencing. For those couples that need to move on with their plans on becoming legally married and becoming a family, for those who have lost someone and can’t be there for the many restrictions this virus imposed on us professional web streaming may be the closest thing to actually feel like you are there. We are now offering multi camera professional live video streaming in the Washington DC, Maryland  and Virginia.

If you are looking to elope, have a zoom wedding and are looking for a photographer and videographer in the Washington DC area, we are ready to help. If you are going through the absolute worst and lost someone we are also here to help and are able to professionally live stream the service.



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