Regal Like Dover Hall Indian Wedding | Shreya and Shrineel

Regal dover hall indian wedding

This beautiful regal like Dover Hall Indian wedding gave us all the feels. Shreya and Shrineel were both born in the United Kingdom and grew up there for a few years. When planning their US wedding it was important to them to incorporate not just their south asian background, but also part of their childhood. Luck had it that Shreya’s parents live in the Richmond, VA area where the beautiful and majestic Dover Hall is located.

Their wedding was truly beautiful and like any indian wedding busy and long. If you’ve ever photographed or attended an indian wedding you know that the tradition, colors and customs are super rich and beautiful. There are many moving pieces to a wedding day and especially to a 18 hour wedding. Thankfully we had the talented and amazing Dolly from Gulmohar Wedings take care of the day. Their day included a super early getting ready, first look, bridal party, baraat, milni ceremony, wedding ceremony, vidhai, two set of portrait sessions for everyone in the family and bridal party and a heck of a reception. Needless to say we loved every bit of it and are so honored to have been there to capture it.

Shreya and Shrineel are super sweet and a delight to be around. Working with them was not just pleasant, but also fun and rewarding! Since their wedding we’ve been in touch and tried to align our schedules to sneak in a double date :)! Now more than ever (Kovid-19) I wish I could see and hug all of our couples and catch up. Whenever we will get the chance to meet I know it will be sweet.

Enjoy their Dover Hall wedding film and photos bellow!




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