Sisters and Best Friends

Alyssa and Shaina!

Two sisters that have completely different interests and personalities with a strong love for each other that nobody could break.

When Shaina first contacted me about them getting a session together I was very excited because I do love having individual sessions and I appreciate the one on one time, but there is something so amazing happening when I have sisters, best friends, mother and daughters, or families in my studio. They bring so much life and laughter and happiness that I don’t want it to end.

It was just like that with these two beautiful sisters. They ( especially Alyssa ) brought in LOTS 🙂 of cloths and accessories, great attitude and EXCITEMENT. We started by going over the outfits and accessories and than I had Alyssa going in for hair and make-up with my fabulous MUA  Arwa Badri. In my opinion Alyssa should be a stylist, she has the ability to match her cloths and accessories and see what goes together, perfectly. Meanwhile, Shaina and I went over her outfits and than chatted for a bit about her future plans. She is a very strong girl with an amazing attitude and when I learned that she is enrolled in Military and that she will serve our country I couldn’t be happier and honored that I was taking her and her sisters portraits.

Meet Alyssa and Shaina.

Mariana Harsan Photography_Alyssa

Mari Harsan Photography_Shaina

Alyssa you are a gorgeous girl!

Girls, never forget how gorgeous you are! I am so happy that we met you and that you allowed me to create memories for the two of you!






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