Tammy – Portraits and Behind the Scene Video

Today I want to share Tammy’s portrait session. It was so much fun photographing her and look at those blue eyes, I mean COME ON :). Tammy you are gorgeous!!

Tammy is a teacher and also a photographer, and now a model :)! She did an amazing job posing for me and to be honest I was a bit amazed at how well she did in front of my and my husband’s lens. Yes, my husband, George, was there too because we also shot a behind the scenes video, which you can see bellow.

I am very blessed to know and have around me talented people and Tammy we could of not done this without you, therefore Thank You, you are awesome!!!

 … and here is the behind the scene video that George filmed and put together for me.


Hair and Makeup by Arwa Badri

Cinematography by George Bucur Films

Photography by Mari Harsan



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