The Truth About Us, Women

YOU are more beautiful that you think. The truth about how we see ourselves, women, is completely distorted.
I LOVE the bellow video by DOVE and I so WISH every single woman on this earth could watch it. A lot of us beat ourselves so hard when it comes to our looks. We create this image of ourselves in our minds and there is no perception or question that others could see us any different. I do what I do, pampering and taking amazing images of women, exactly for this reason. I want to make a low confidence woman with completely distorted images and thoughts about herself see and understand that what she’s been telling herself it is not true, what she’s feeling or seeing when she’s looking in the mirror is a very distorted image about herself. Even more, that is NOT how others see her.
So please do yourself a favor, watch the DOVE video and if you want comment bellow and tell me your thoughts.

What do you think?

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