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Mari Harsan Photography-first look 6Planning a wedding can be stressful and trying to cram all the wedding day events in an 8 hour timeline is not an easy task, either. When reserving time for portraits, which usually includes family portraits, bridal party portraits, your portraits as a couple and perhaps some alone, please take in consideration that the memories your photographer creates for you that day will be the only thing that will be left once your special day is over. Therefore, try to allow enough time for it, being rushed, usually is not a good recipe for anyone. Allowing enough time will definitely take stress off of you and your photographer and the end result will give you amazing portraits of you and your special ones. After all how many times in your lifetime do you get married and how many times do you hire a professional photographer to follow you around? The photographer is there to create and capture memories for you and I for sure will be happy to be put at work, so the more time you can give me to create the better.

Some couples opt to see each other before the ceremony and some don’t. There are different reasons why one would say no, some are traditions, religious views, strong opinions, moms, etc. Whatever they may be I will respect that and do my best to work with the timeline for your portraits, but if you are one of the brides that is thinking about it and not quite sure what to do, yet, please read on.

1. A First Look will be your answer to alleviate the stress when creating that crammed timeline and trying to squeeze and rush everyone’s portraits.

2. A First Look is magical, no, for real!! Think about this, your future husband gets to see you for the first time ( before mostly of the guests) and this time spent together is intimate, you do not need to be concerned about so many people watching you and your actions. This moment is only for the two of you and it is full of emotions, tears and laughter. The best part in a First Look is that you can actually hug each other and talk ( this would not be possible during the ceremony) and he can tell you how GORGEOUS you look and how he can’t wait to say YES and call you his wife for the rest of his life. This is your chance, a once in a lifetime unique experience, and a professional is there to capture it all for you.

3. You will get 40% more portraits of you and your husband, stress free, at your best. Think about having your portraits taken after the ceremony, after your formals with family and friends, and after your bridal party’s. By that time you and your husband are probably starving, tired, and not looking as fresh as 2 hours ago, especially if you’ve been standing in the heat and perhaps crying a little:).

4. You will get more variety in your portraits. Most likely we will pick a more secluded area or even a place that has meaning to you, if time allows.

5. You and your groom get the chance to alleviate a bit of the stress during the ceremony and actually be able to enjoy it. For example, I do not remember more than half of my ceremony and I also remember not being able to look my husband in the eyes for more than a split second before trying to fight back tears.

6. Being able to enjoy your cocktail hour and not having to have your guests wait for at least an hour for you is also a good enough reason.

Another reason why I recommend and absolutely LOVE a First Look is because you are creating more memories of you and your future husband and there is something magical happening in between the two of you at that moment. I see it with every couple and that magic shows in every image created there.

Remember, this is your special day and as much as you love and care for your families and traditions, this day is about you, your groom and the LOVE you guys share!

Bellow enjoy a few images taken by Mari Harsan Photography during First Looks.Mari Harsan Photography-First Look 1The above images were shot during a wedding I 2nd shot for Photography by Marirosa. Mari Harsan Photography-First Look 2Mari Harsan Photography-First look 3…and than some portraits of them after the First Look. … and no, they are not models:). They are just happy and in-love. Mari Harsan Photography-First Look4



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